What are our Longhorn goals?

Our goal, is preservation of what has made this breed what its so famous for back then as well as it is today….their HORN, their BEAUTY, their HARDINESS, and their DISPOSITION. We have collaborated with some of the best in the industry to work toward creating a beautifully well built foundation herd here at Milestone Cattle Company. Nothing can be built without a strong foundation and we have strived hard to create that here. Horns that will grow long and strong. Beauty in both color and conformation. Hardiness that is preserved within the older genetics. Disposition that is carried on generation to generation. THAT’S the strong foundation that is built here…we build from that.

Where are we located?

We are located approximately 15 minutes east of Nashville, TN on a rolling 90 acre farm. On our farm, along with our Longhorns, we also have 2 sassy pot-belly pigs that love belly rubs; 2 senior citizen miniature horses that have been with us since their birth 23 years ago; 1 gorgeous yearling blue roan Quarter Horse; 4 perpetually pesky miniature goats; a handful of dogs (2 German Shorthaired Pointers & 3 Shih Tzus); 1 ancient house cat; and a team of free range chickens, turkeys, and ducks.

How did we get started in Longhorns?

We fell in love with them while visiting our client in 2021. Our client (and his beautiful wife) that we’ve known for a while, have become dear friends of ours. And they were so gracious to show us their Longhorns while visiting their home in west Tennessee. The interactions we had with these gentle giants, the investigation further into the breed itself, and the desire to “DO MORE” to help preserve this breed became our driving force.

What were we doing before Longhorns?

We have been the owner/operator of Milestone Paint & Body for over 20 years. The business specializes in show-worthy custom automotive restorations. Milestone’s work has been featured on a multitude of TV shows and magazines like Search & Restore, Powerblock, Gearz, Hot Rod Car Craft, Truckin’, and many more. Before Milestone, Jacob was in the United States Navy Ceremonial Guard that was stationed in Washington DC. He was one of 200 enlisted navy members that represented the Navy in the nation’s capital and in the White House. Amy has always had a love for animals and grew up showing horses and went onto college working towards her degree in Veterinary Medicine with a specialty in Equine Medicine and a minor in Entrepreneurship. We have two boys, Cody James & Elijah. Cody is 17 years old and wants to follow in daddy’sfoot steps in the automotive world. Elijah is 13 years old and wants to be a commercial pilot.But both have ONE THING IN COMMON-a love for animals- especially for the Longhorns.